Product Applications

Our core products: power supplies and DC electronic loads are widely used to test and characterize batteries, PV inverters and to perform other power related measurements. For analog signal and component test applications, we offer a wide range of signal generators, oscilloscopes, component testers and multimeters.



ApplicationDescriptionVideoAndroid App LinkiOS App Link
ElectriKit ElectriKit is a helpful tool for electricians, technicians, engineers, students, hobbyists, and everyone dealing with electrical power. The app provides several power-related calculator functions and can also be used as a quick reference for electric power formulas and standard NEC (National Electric Code) tables.   Google Play iOS App Store


Power Measurements

Battery Test
Battery Analyzer Best Practices - This article discusses the factors that influence battery capacity and how to interpret SOC battery test readings. View    
This new software, which supports our 9200 and 9115 Series DC power supplies as well as 8600 Series DC Electronic loads, provides a computer-controlled charging and discharging system for a wide range of commonly used batteries. Additionally, the software offers sequencing of charge and discharge cycles, graphing, and data logging functionality.   Play Battery Test Software
Determining a battery’s capacity in Ah using the 8500 series built-in battery test function. The battery is being discharged a with a fixed current until it teaches a set threshold voltage   Play 8500 series

Obtaining a battery’s discharge profile using the PV8500 software and 8500 series DC load.   Play 8500 series, PV8500
Power supply applications Power Supply Guide View    
How to test the load regulation of a power supply or power circuit   Play B&K DC loads
Testing fuses and circuit breakers with an XLN series power supply   Play XLN series
Remotely control and monitor XLN-GL and 9170/9180 series power supplies via an iPad or iPhone   Play pwrApp
How to use the remote sense feature of a power supply   Play B&K power supplies
What is a multi-range power supply?   Play B&K power supplies
DC Electronic Load Applications

DC load application note
Topics covered include:

  • Power Supply Testing: load regulation and load transient response
  • Battery Test: battery discharge curves, battery internal resistance
  • Performance test of DC loads: slew rate
  • Software examples
How to measure the slew rate of a DC electronic load   Play B&K DC loads
High speed voltage and current data capture using the MDL's buffer storage function   Play  
Current measurement How to measure voltage and current with a current clamp   Play CP62 current probe
Case Studies by Universities & High schools Electrical shock prevention in sound systems View   1655A, 1653A, 309
Stanford Solar Car Project – testing DC-DC converters to optimize a MPPT system View   8502
Walla Walla University School of Engineering – load test of a DC machine View   8500
University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing – testing solar car devices View   1671A
University of Miami – design for autonomous net-zero water buildings View   1902


Signal Generation / Analysis

How to use WaveXpress to create and edit complex waveforms, then quickly download them to a B&K AWG or digital oscilloscope.   Play WaveXpress
How to synchronize signals using the marker function of the 4075 – 4079 Arbitrary waveform/function generator family   Play 4075-4079
How to make a phase shift measurement using X-Y mode on an oscilloscope   Play Oscilloscopes
9800 Series - PLD Function Application Brief View    
4050B Series - Wave Combine Function Application Brief View    


Component Test

894 / 895 Ethernet Application Brief View    
894 / 895 Sweeping Function Application Brief View    
LCR Accuracy Calculator for the 891, 894, and 895     LCR Calculator
How to characterize components (create signature) by using a DSO as a curve tracer/ component tester   Play Oscilloscopes
How to use an LCR meter View Play LCR meters
LCR guide book
Some topics covered in this guide include:
  • Measurement of impedance with an oscilloscope
  • Measuring the ESR of a capacitor
  • Using an LCR meter to estimate the turns ratio of an unknown transformer
  • Measuring D and Q value of components
  • How to use a reactance chart

RF Test

Description App
Understanding Peak vs. Average Power Measurements View RFP3000 Series
Power Sensors
Principles of RF & Microware Power Measurement – Quick reference poster View RFP3000 Series
Power Sensors

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